Who we are

With its latest release ‘Nemesis‘, Mind Imperium expresses an ineffable despair through a unique blend of blackened death metal and dark ambient styles. Each song is a statement, a reminder that we are destroying wildlife and beyond, emptying oceans and forests of all their living creatures, thus leading ourselves to unavoidable extinction. Mind Imperium sings of the unheard scream of our oceans stripped of all life by the hand of men, of the bloodstained ashes of our forests whose life is burning away, the cub bereft of its mother’s warmth, of the father without a son.

Mind Imperium was born in 2014 in Lyon, releasing its first EP ‘Amongst the Ruins’ the same year. Well-received by the public and the press, this first attempt allows them to play live extensively.

The band then starts working on their first full-length album, inspired by artists from the 19th century like Poe, Lovecraft or Chambers, but also from the works of Freud and Jung. Recorded at Vamacara Studio, ‘Way to Carcosa’ is released in 2018, with reactions of critics and fans unanimously positive.

Their first LP explores the diversity of emotions bred by the human mind when confronted with loss, whether it be symbolical or real. It also reflects Mind Imperium sustained engagement in the environmental cause, relating the album theme to damages done by mankind to the living world. In partnership with Sea Shepherd, the band releases a music video for their song ‘A War Without End’ to condemn the Grindadráp. Right after their album’s release, Mind Imperium goes on tour in France and Belgium with their friends from Aeon Patronist, in support of both bands’ latest works.

Recorded at Tidalwave Studio, the band second LP ‘Nemesis’ is released in 2022 in partnership with the underground label Wormholedeath, with whom the band has signed an exclusive deal, pushing further their distinctive dark textures sounds with extreme metal riffs. Their new album strengthens Mind Imperium commitment to the environmental cause, expressing in various ways the pain felt by a declining world and the emptiness left behind.

With their second album acclaimed by critics and listeners alike, the trio rises amongst the new generation of metal bands, hitting the road again to share their music to everyone who is willing to listen…


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