01. Biography

Who we are

MIND IMPERIUM is an ambient groove metal band from France, with Nogh (DEATH OF A DRYAD, ex-OBNOXIOUS) on lead vocals and guitars, Carol (DEATH OF A DRYAD, ex-NECROBLASPHEME) on bass guitar and backing vocals and Fabien (PAICAN) on drums and backing vocals.

Their story begins in late 2013, with a concept to create a groove metal band in which powerful groove riffs would blend with dark and melancholic ambiences.

MIND IMPERIUM has a sustained engagement in the environmental cause, and most songs relate to damages done by manking to the living world. In 2019, in partnership with SEA SHEPHERD, they have released a music video for their song A WAR WITHOUT END, to condemn the Grindadráp.

02. New album


Loss begets emptiness.

An infinite void feeding on our hopes, leaving only broken dreams and a growing sadness in its wake.

As emptiness spreads like a disease in our mind, it reminds us that our existence is futile, that time will consume all things in the end, leaving an everlasting nothingness.



Upcoming events

2021/08/06 : Osmery (FR) @Schlague Fest 2021/07/24 : Fréjus (FR) @Monster’s Art w/ Toxi Factory, Walrus & Karma Skull 2020/01/24 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Voice of Ruin 2020/01/18 : Toulouse (FR) @L’Usine à Musique w/ Blindherd & Aeon Patronist 2020/01/17 : Aubenas (FR) @Black Sheep w/ Archenterum & Aeon Patronist 2019/04/19 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Aephanemer & Aesmah >> WAY TO PROSTERNATION TOUR w/ AEON PATRONIST<< 2018/11/09 : Lens (BE) @Titan’s Club w/ Last Breath Messiah 2018/11/08 : Liège (BE) @La Legia w/ Felo De Se 2018/11/07 : Paris (FR) @Le Cirque Electrique w/ Weedeath & Errantia 2018/11/06 : Nancy (FR) @Riveter w/ Toward the Throne & Volcanoblast 2018/11/05 : Lilles (FR) @Le Midland w/ Frakasm 2018/11/04 : Rennes (FR) @Bar’Hic w/ Pneumatic Head Compressor 2018/11/02 : Bordeaux (FR) @La Voûte w/ Sam Is Drunk 2018/10/31 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Lugh & La Salle des Pendus 2018/11/24 : Live Acoustic @Le Rock à Kiki w/ Dukkha 2018/09/19 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Buy Jupiter & Prismeria 2018/09/08 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @METAL FEST SUMMER ROCK 2 2018/07/06 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ SKILTRON >> BREAK : Recording Way To Carcosa LP << 2018/03/27 : Lyon (FR) @Blogg w/ Trauma & Last Addiction 2018/03/02 : Chambéry (FR) @Brin de Zinc w/ Aeon Patronist & Nocturn 2017/11/17 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Hysteria & Helslave 2017/10/31 : HALLOWEEN PARTY !Lyon (FR) @Le Blogg w/ Infected Rain & Deus Ex Machina 2017/09/14 : Lyon (FR) @Warmaudio w/ Dreamslave & Morrighans 2017/09/09 : METAL FEST SUMMER ROCK – Saint-Etienne (FR) 2017/09/08 : Lyon (FR) @Warmaudio w/ Lugh & The Oath 2017/04/27 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @Thunderbird Lounge w/ Except One & La Salle des Pendus 2015/10/15 : Lyon (FR) @Le Blogg w/ Dehuman & Antropofago & Death Awaits 2015/09/19 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @Assomoir w/ Furyens & Pay To Die 2015/03/27 : Lyon (FR) @Warmaudio w/ Sceanereel & Mother & Pearl 2015/03/14 : ASSOMOIR METAL FEST – Saint-Etienne (FR) @L’assomoir 2014/12/18 : Lyon (FR) @Le Blogg w/ Green Fairy & In Balance 2014/09/26 : Lyon (FR) @Chateau de Solaize w/ Sekt & Cobalt 2014/05/24 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @Thunderbird Lounge w/ Burn Your Karma & BloodSide 2014/05/15 : Lyon (FR) @Moko w/ Scorpen & Sceanereel 2014/03/14 : Annecy (FR) @Brise Glace w/ Bring Me Eternity & Motorbreath 2014/02/21 : Lyon (FR) @HDLM w/ Fall Back To Zero & Scorpen