– Upcoming shows –

2019 / 2020

2019/10/18 : Lyon (FR) @Warm Audio w/ Trauma & Circus In Town
2020/01/17 : Aubenas (FR) @Black Sheep w/ Lecks Inc.
2020/01/18 : Toulouse (FR) @L’Usine à Musique w/ guests
2020/07/11 : Fréjus (FR) @Monster Art w/ Haundead



2018/11/09 : Lens (BE) @Titan’s Club w/ Last Breath Messiah
2018/11/08 : Liège (BE) @La Legia w/ Felo De Se
2018/11/07 : Paris (FR) @Le Cirque Electrique w/ Weedeath & Errantia
2018/11/06 : Nancy (FR) @Riveter w/ Toward the Throne & Volcanoblast
2018/11/05 : Lilles (FR) @Le Midland w/ Frakasm
2018/11/04 : Rennes (FR) @Bar’Hic w/ Pneumatic Head Compressor
2018/11/02 : Bordeaux (FR) @La Voûte w/ Sam Is Drunk
2018/10/31 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Lugh & La Salle des Pendus

2018/11/24 : Live Acoustic @Le Rock à Kiki w/ Dukkha
2018/09/19 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Buy Jupiter & Prismeria
2018/09/08 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @METAL FEST SUMMER ROCK 2
2018/07/06 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ SKILTRON

>> BREAK : Recording Way To Carcosa LP <<

2018/03/27 : Lyon (FR) @Blogg w/ Trauma & Last Addiction
2018/03/02 : Chambéry (FR) @Brin de Zinc w/ Aeon Patronist & Nocturn
2017/11/17 : Lyon (FR) @Rock’N’Eat w/ Hysteria & Helslave
2017/10/31 : HALLOWEEN PARTY !Lyon (FR) @Le Blogg w/ Infected Rain & Deus Ex Machina
2017/09/14 : Lyon (FR) @Warmaudio w/ Dreamslave & Morrighans
2017/09/09 : METAL FEST SUMMER ROCK – Saint-Etienne (FR)
2017/09/08 : Lyon (FR) @Warmaudio w/ Lugh & The Oath
2017/04/27 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @Thunderbird Lounge w/ Except One & La Salle des Pendus
2015/10/15 : Lyon (FR) @Le Blogg w/ Dehuman & Antropofago & Death Awaits
2015/09/19 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @Assomoir w/ Furyens & Pay To Die
2015/03/27 : Lyon (FR) @Warmaudio w/ Sceanereel & Mother & Pearl
2015/03/14 : ASSOMOIR METAL FEST – Saint-Etienne (FR) @L’assomoir
2014/12/18 : Lyon (FR) @Le Blogg w/ Green Fairy & In Balance
2014/09/26 : Lyon (FR) @Chateau de Solaize w/ Sekt & Cobalt
2014/05/24 : Saint-Etienne (FR) @Thunderbird Lounge w/ Burn Your Karma & BloodSide
2014/05/15 : Lyon (FR) @Moko w/ Scorpen & Sceanereel
2014/03/14 : Annecy (FR) @Brise Glace w/ Bring Me Eternity & Motorbreath
2014/02/21 : Lyon (FR) @HDLM w/ Fall Back To Zero & Scorpen

– BIO –

MIND IMPERIUM is an ambient groove metal band from France, with Nogh (ex-OBNOXIOUS, DEATH OF A DRYAD) on lead vocals and guitars, Carol (ex-NECROBLASPHEME, DEATH OF A DRYAD) on bass guitar and backing vocals and Fabien (PAICAN) on drums and backing vocals.

MIND IMPERIUM story begins in late 2013, with a concept to create a groove metal band in which powerful groove riffs would blend with dark and melancholic ambiences.

The band releases its first EP – Amongst the Ruins – the same year, under the name My Imperium. Well-received by the public and the press, this first attempt allows them to play live extensively.

In 2016, after a few lineup changes and a small hiatus while Nogh and Carol focus on other musical projects and the development of the associative label Dark Faery Records, the band resumes its live activities and starts working on a full-length album. This project is inspired by artists from 19th century like Poe, Lovecraft or Chambers, but also from the works of Freud and Jung. Consequently, My Imperium becomes MIND IMPERIUM, a name more fitting to the band’s unique universe.

In 2018, they release their first LP, « Way To Carcosa », recorded at VAMACARA STUDIO. It explores the diversity of emotions bred by the human mind when confronted with loss, whether it be symbolical or real. It also reflects MIND IMPERIUM sustained engagement in the environmental cause, relating the album theme to damages done by manking to the living world. In partnership with SEA SHEPHERD, the band releases a music video for their song A WAR WITHOUT END, to condemn the Grindadráp.

Right after their album’s release, MIND IMPERIUM goes on tour in France and Belgium with their friends from AEON PATRONIST, in support of both bands latest work.

The band continues touring until COVID hits, and spend the end of 2020 bringing NEMESIS to life. Its recording takes place in Spring 2021 at TIDALWAVE STUDIO.

– Way To Carcosa (2018) –

– About –

Way To Carcosa deals with the pain of loss, whether symbolic or real, and transcribes the various emotions born from it. This melancholia takes form in a character called ‘The King In Yellow’, created by the American writer Robert W. Chambers.

In the album, he is portrayed as a cathartic figure crystallizing our fears and anxieties, and each track is yet another step in a world bred by pain. Every moment of happiness ultimately fades away and disappears forever, and we are left pale reminiscences whose evocation only brings suffering and despair.

The cover was drawn by hand by Bertrand Bouchardeau (Mars Red Sky, Kadavar, le Sylak, etc.), depicting a dark image of fate, a ragged despot omnipotent and grim.


– credits –

11-track LP ”Way To Carcosa” – 47’ 11’’
Recorded in April 2018 at the BATISKAF and VAMACARA STUDIO in Nantes / Clisson
Mixed & mastered by HK Krauss from the almighty VAMACARA STUDIO (Loudblast, Dagoba, Bliss of Flesh, Otargos, …).
Produced by DARK FAERY RECORDS (Obnoxious, Death of a Dryad, …)
Expecting a happy event, Julie was replaced on the drums by Alex Jadi (Malkavian, Fange).

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